Time Attack Round 1 for the 2014 Dutch Championships

Photos in this part is the work carried out by Bo and Ronald Speedequipment. From Bo & Myslef like to thank you guys for being on hand and full respect for you guys.



Bo Nielsen the man behind the very well known Silver car we all know and love, going round a number of the best circuits in the Uk & European Sessions.


Driver Bo Nielsen who has had a great victory in coming First in some rounds in the Uk Time Attack and has a car that is very quick on track and competitive.


Competing in the Dutch Time Attack Championship 2014 Bo Nielsen has been working hard setting up the car and fine tuning the VXR Engine pulling in the region of 400BHP.OTM_6760


Since arriving in Holland we have had a number of issues which while out on track the 1st lap was quick and grip levels was great and power was there, second lap we had some oil drop issues where Bo signalled to me in the Passenger seat that there was an issue.


Taking a corner and no more than 60mph there was a banging noise and indicted that there was something seriously wrong and the cut out ignition was pushed.


Tow truck came and brought the VXR back in, and loaded back on the trailer to source help from out friends at Marcel Speedequipment.


The team there were more than happy to use there workshop and order parts to begin repair of the VXR engine and get it all done by Saturday which gave us 2 days.


after some thought by Bo and the team it would be cost effective if we returned home to the UK and collect the second engine and bring back again and. We left around 6pm Wednesday ad got back into the UK at 10pm there abouts at the lock up.


it was a case of piecing up the engine and parts and back out on the road. 15 mins turnaround and headed back to the Euro Tunnel Train.


A very hard and exhausting start of the trip we thought was going to be stress free, but all in all we traveled through 5 countries in 24hrs which is cool.



We arrived back to Speedequipment Nederland at 9am the following day after a long night of driving and power naps we were glad to be back where we were greeted with coffee and beer……


Work carried out during the whole day and the Engine is now back in and all redone.


Sat we will head back to finish off and then head to the track to get it approved for the Time Attack on Sunday which we hope we will do well.

OTM_7224 OTM_7227 OTM_7335 OTM_7351 OTM_7362 OTM_7368 OTM_7392 OTM_7397 OTM_7416 OTM_7417 OTM_7449 OTM_7495 OTM_7560 OTM_7571 OTM_7578 OTM_7588 OTM_7655 OTM_7661 OTM_7662 OTM_7705

Official Shoot with the Winning VXR Race Car Round 1 of the Dutch Time Attack



Bo Nielsen exhausted after a heavy weekend and now can relax after a great victory and team effort of getting 1st place after the engine restore on practise Day 1.



First corner at Zandvoort and a steep one at this. Favourite for most drivers