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All cars that compete in our main road competition class are road legal, taxed, tested and insured. There is also a new “pro-drag class” for the ultimate drag specific cars. Many of the cars that compete at TOTB are modified, some to the extreme. Many of the entrants have built and modified their own vehicles, while others represent the cream of the crop from the Tuners and Garages that specialise in the types of cars entered to compete.

Points are awarded in each of the three events overall, making it extremely difficult to score points in all events, unless the car and driver are on top form!
The Pro-Drag class will have its own shootout final and trophy, with regular head to head runs during the event.

Individual classes are also used to determine class trophies:

FWD (front wheel drive)

RWD (rear wheel drive)

4WD (four wheel drive)

The teams who take part are also battling it out for the TOTB team Trophy, a highly contested piece of silverware.

Ten of the Best brings together modern high tech and high spec cars, along with high power retro classics, giving all a chance to show their prowess on the day. Entrants come from most of the UK and European car clubs and groups, along with individual entries and invited Tuner cars.

Ten of the Best (TOTB), is a performance road car event run by Straightliners Ltd, aimed at finding the best all round car and drivers in Europe.

Under 16s spectators go free