Morgan Jones Oulton Park

Making a Stance

As we approached the so called sunny side country Race Track Oulton Park, we encounted weathers that wasnt fit for racing for some on the track. After speaking with Morgan on the morning of Qualifying he was happy it was wet, as he performs better out on track with the car able to with stand the pace he puts it through.


We have teamed up with Morgan Jones to support him in the MINI CHALLENGE UK and hoping to have him in 2017 in the new Championship Table which will all be revealed Soon…..


The track really couldn’t make up its mind weather it wanted to be wet or dry, He went with what the majority of people went with and that was wets! The whole test day was wet so He knew where the rivers were forming and where the grip was! 3 laps from the end of Qualifying he hooked up a good enough lap to put him P11 out of 17 by following a quicker guy.

Race one:
The first Race one actually got abandoned due to several open class cars going off at turn one and all the way down the hill. He had a really near miss with Stu Lane and then the red flag came out leaving us sitting on the grid for half an hour before being told race one was going to be run later on.

Race Two:
He started P11 again and at the start dropped to 13th as he was starting uphill and didn’t make a great start. he then started to pick places off 1 by 1 and was soon chasing a guy for 6th place but approaching shell oils hairpin, where you go from the quickest speed all lap to slowest in just under 75 meters, he didn’t realise how much later he was braking than the guy ahead was with no way of going to the Inside he had to hang it round the outside. However the guy came across to take his line forcing me onto the grass which he managed to save but then under steered straight off on to the grass lost the rear and also my rear bumper. he pitted with 1 lap to go with a piece of metal shredding his rear tyre and that was game over.

Re run Race One:
he started P17 with my teammate in P18 following an unfair ruling from the stewards after his transponder didn’t work so was excluded post race. He got much better start I just followed him through picking off places 1 by 1 but due to the circuit curfew we only had 12 minutes of racing and 2 laps were under safety car so who knows where he could of been if he had a bit more time. he would like to thank the whole team for their support this weekend and a big congratulations to my teammate Martin Poole for securing his first even win!