Scott Jeffs Rockingham Practice

Happy to welcome another MINI CHALLENGE UK Driver to CSUK

Covering Scott in the JCW F56 Class 2017 with other’s that have required us will present photos and vids from each round to help them promote and achieve media coverage for the team and sponsors.

I am very glad that Scott and his dad is on board and very much looking forward to covering the season with them.

2017 is going to be a big start for Scott Jeffs in his new MINI CHALLENGE UK JCW F56 Car. With testing underway and the first round is only round the corner it’s vital to get some track time to get happy with the car and its set up.

We met up with Scott at Rockingham for test day and noticed he was buzzing to get out on track and see what the JCW could do around this circuit.

Soon as he headed out he looked strong on the corners and looked to be getting quicker on each lap once the tyres were at optimal tempreture. Scott told us that the car felt very different from the R56 Cooper S which he raced in last year.

Scott didn’t have anything bad to say about the R56 as it’s a very quick car and was perfect for the transition from karting to cars as it was very forgiving so it was a great car to learn in for Jeffs…

However going into the F56, straight away he felt like he was in a proper race car, some of the main differences I noticed were:

  • The Quaife Sequential gear box felt much quicker than the R56 synchromesh gearbox.
  • I prefer the new Cosworth PI research dash as it’s much easier to read.
  • There’s a noticeable increase in speed and power from the 1.6 turbo to the 2.0 turbo in the F56.
  • The handling felt very sensitive in a positive way however the track conditions were poor so I haven’t got a good feel of the car yet.
  • I also noticed the gear box is much nosier due to the straight cut gears so its hard to listen to any noises the car may be making, however it makes it feel like a real race car. Over all it was a good day settling into the car, really looking forward to testing at Silverstone GP circuit in February.