We were invited to attend a very special event at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking.


Nikki a Follow of ours and Friend, i was very proud to witness the events unfold and take the photos for her portfolio.


The McLaren Driver Collection by Nikki Douthwaite


Crafted from thousands of dots taken from household hole punchers, Manchester-based artist Nikki Douthwaite has created a series of stunning portraits that make up ‘The McLaren Driver’ collection. Close up, the tiny dots provide a highly visual coloured mix, however once viewed from a distance, they present a black and white image, a technique known as ‘optical mixing’.


The collection features in excess of 1,045,000 individually placed dots, and took 4,700 hours to create. Nikki’s dedication to ‘confetti art’ has led to her being awarded a Guinness World Record, and recognition for her efforts has included coverage in F1 Racing magazine, an appearance on BBC1’s flagship motoring programme, Top Gear, and a montage of her artwork on BBC’s closing sequence of the F1™ 2012 season.


Enough said and let the photos speak for themselves.