Thought’s are with Jules Bianchi from the last race and his family at this difficult time.

For McLaren, it was a disappointing race, through the build up and getting the right tyres on the car for the race. At the very start Jenson had difficulties in maintaining grip in the car with the very bad wet condition.

Jenson Button on the grid.

The McLaren Team was first in the pits to make the change to Intermediate tyres while the safety car came in which gave Button a good advantage of getting back in the pack for 3rd place. Button made some good time after being held up a few times, but wasn’t safe to overtake and looked like he was just trying to get the tyres to grip and work for in the race.

Kevin Magnussen leads Jenson Button on track.

The weather was at extreme and you couldn’t really see from the edge of the car with the back spray from the car in front, but both drivers were battling with the cars to get ahead of the build up.

A McLaren engineer on the grid with the tyre supply.

Button needed to come in for a replacement steering wheel change due to some issues, but with the conditions out on track it was made to make a call for most of the cars to come in to change tyres again to Full Wets.

Kevin Magnussen and Jenson Button on track.

With the race being a promising one for McLaren it was turned upside down to some what with the decision for the safety car to come out and the race was Red Flagged which made the end to the battle which could have been a podium finish but Button claimed fifth which was dissapointing for the team as they could have done better.

Jenson Button in the garage.

A Statement from Button after the race was very positive and Jenson was more conceded for Jules Bianchi when he came off and is being treated for a very hard impact and my thoughts are with him and his family at this tragic time. The race itself doesn’t matter to me as things like this really gets to drivers as were all a close bunch and no one likes to here this bad news.

Jenson Button on track.

An electronics issue also delayed Kevin Magnussen during his first stint. It required an additional pit-stop to change Kevin’s steering wheel – a delay that dropped him a long way down the order and effectively ended his hopes of fighting for points. Despite some brave fighting moves, he was unable to recover to better than 14th place.

Jenson Button leaves the garage.JENSON BUTTON
Started 8th
Finished 5th
Fastest lap 1m51.721s on lap 33 (+0.121s, 2nd)
Pitstops Four: laps 1 (during red-flag stoppage), 9 (2.76s), 31 (6.87s – included steering wheel change)
and 42 (3.21s) [Wet-Wet-Inter-Inter-Wet]

“For me, the race doesn’t really matter today.

“I haven’t seen anything of Jules’ accident, but the most important thing to say is that all our thoughts are with him, his family, and his team right now.

“It’s an accident that you hope never happens in Formula 1.”

Kevin Magnussen on the grid.KEVIN MAGNUSSEN
Started 7th
Finished 14th
Fastest lap 1m53.510s on lap 38 (+1.910s, 9th)
Pitstops Five: laps 2 (during red-flag stoppage), 11 (2.73s), 15 (6.02s – included steering wheel change),
33 (2.12s) and 40 (2.58s) [Wet-Wet-Inter-Inter-Inter-Wet]

Kevin Magnussen in the garage.

“Let’s really hope that Jules is okay. It’s such a bad feeling when something like this happens, so let’s hope and pray for him.

“We did the best we could today, but we had an unfortunate problem with the steering wheel, which basically dropped me out of the race. I tried my best to come back, and get some points, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible to do so.”

Eric Boullier with Jonathan Neale.ERIC BOULLIER
Racing director, McLaren Mercedes
“More important than anything else, on behalf of everyone at McLaren I want to say how shocked and sorry we were to hear the news of Jules’ accident. Our hearts go out to him, of course, to his family, and to all at Marussia.

“As far as today’s race was concerned, Jenson was the first driver in the field to stop to fit Intermediates, and, having done so, thereafter he drove very well all afternoon. Indeed, he may well have finished third had things panned out better for us at the end of the race in terms of Safety Car and pit-stop timing.

“Even so, the 10 points he scored for fifth place may well be useful to us in our efforts to move up the Constructors’ Championship table.

“By contrast, Kevin had a disappointing afternoon. From early in the race his car began to develop electronics issues, which we attempted to ameliorate by replacing his steering wheel in an unscheduled pit-stop.

“After that he was always going to be playing catch-up – and, although he pulled off some good moves, especially his overtake of Daniel [Ricciardo], he was never going to be in with a chance of scoring points here today.

“From here we go to Sochi [Russia], where we’ll all be hoping for a much better weekend, from every point of view.”