I was feeling excited about my 2nd time in electric karts. I enjoyed coming to Thruxton a few weeks ago as I like the track and loved driving the electric karts because of their fast acceleration – I don’t like to go slow!

I had been thinking about the last race at Thruxton and I went over my track map to work out where to adjust my lines to be faster this time. I was feeling confident going into practice.

During practice, my kart switched off coming out the pits and I thought “oh no”, but the mechanics got me going and I felt like I was fast – I looked fast from the edge of the track, but my transponder wasn’t working!

Going into qualifying I didn’t know if I was the fastest or not, so I knew I had to do perfect laps to get on pole. But, my kart cut out coming out the pits again – the mechanics got my kart going again, but it meant I had less time to put in my best lap than everyone else. I pushed as hard as I could from the first lap and when a found out I was in pole position I was really happy because it meant the work I put in to adapt my racing line had worked.

Heat 1 – I got a really good start off the line after initially worrying the kart might decide to cut out again, and defended the apex into the first corner to stay in front. I pushed straight away to get heat into the tyres to help get fast laps and managed to build up a comfortable 5.5 second lead from 2nd and 3rd position.

I managed to get past a couple of back markers quite easily, but then on the 2nd to last lap I got pushed up onto the grass by another back marker and lost my lead and my 1st position. I ended up rejoining in 2nd place and there just wasn’t enough time left to make the move to regain my lead.
I was upset coming off the track because of losing after building up such a good lead.

I spoke to Rob about how I felt about the incident and he told me not to worry about it as it even happens in F1! I decided to try and use the next heat to get my place back, especially as I knew I was fast having set the fastest lap of the day in that heat.

Heat 2 – starting from 2nd position meant I wasn’t on the best side of the track, but at least I was on the front row. I didn’t get my best start, but moved over to try to defend my position into the corner – but Grayson just managed to squeeze into the apex before me. I tried to find a gap for the whole heat to make a move to get back up into 2nd, but I just couldn’t make it stick. Maybe at the beginning of the heat I was worried about being bumped off again and didn’t go for moves I might have. By the end of the heat I had forgotten about it, but couldn’t find any opportunities. I came across the line in 3rd, very close behind 1st and second.

Final – I started the final in 2nd place. I got quite a good start and managed to move over to defend towards the apex of the first corner, but because I was a bit tired I moved out a bit for a better racing line and it meant Grayson snuck down the inside of me again leaving me with more work to do.

Archie, Grayson and I were really close to each other for the whole heat and I managed to make a move on Grayson on the corner after the tunnel to get back into P2 and I think it was my best move of the day.

We started to catch up to back markers and it made keeping position tricky and trying to get into P1 even harder and I didn’t quite manage it.
The top 3 came across the line within tenths of each other and I was really proud of how I drove.

Even though I was a bit upset I didn’t get P1 as I know I had the pace and the incident in heat 1 had changed my starting position for the next heat, I am proud of getting P2. I know I drove my absolute best and that I improved from the last round.

Bring on TKZ 2021 where I will be competing in all rounds!