George Sutton Racing Team

George Sutton, 16, coming from a Karting background with his dad supporting him from a young age. George is now stepping up the game, by moving up to something much Bigger and with More Power.

The MINI CHALLENGE UK Championship is massive for George, and with being the youngest competitor competing out on the grid, all eyes will be on him to see what he can bring to the game with many other drivers of different ages and experience.

We have spoken to George & his Father Mick Sutton in supporting George this year with coverage and video support to 360 vids,High Res Images, to use to help promote and get sponsors for the championship year.

Coming from the Junior Saloon Championship, he has alot to bring to the track and gain much moe in this championship. with a new Championship this year for all, it will mean everyone on the championship ladder will experience the same new regs and management in a higher degree in what we have in previous years.

The teenager has been competing in national motorsport for the past four years. His father Mick Sutton said: “George is currently testing out his new car before the racing season starts in April. He is 16 now and eligible to compete in the adult series.

“To do that he had to get a new car and sponsorship for that. The new car is three times more powerful.  This new championship is a major step-up.

“He will be competing with professional racing drivers. It is a huge leap forward. The Mini Challenge UK Championship is extremely high profile.

“All eight rounds will be televised on TV and there are crowds of about 25,000 to 30,000 who come and watch.

“It will be a two-year campaign. It is a very high-end motor sport event. He will be the youngest competitor on the grid.” George, who attends the Grove School in Market Drayton, started racing competitively at the age of 10. He was previously the youngest competitor in the junior saloon cars Championship.

To try and help fund his racing career, George also works in his spare time for a kart racing team as a mechanic and driver coach for cadet kart drivers.

Mr Sutton said: “We are all very proud of what George has achieved. He has won some very high-level races.

“This is the next step in what he needs to come closer to his career goal of competing and winning the British Touring Car Championship.