Photos from Round 3 at Assen’s of the VXR Shoot

Bo Nielsen’s Astra VXR eats Porsches, Honda Integras, Opels and even most racing Imprezas and uses Zircotec coatings to do it

As FWD UK Time Attack Champion in 2010, 2011 and 2012, and runner-up in the 2WD Club-Pro Time Attack Championship in 2013, Bo Nielsen is undoubtedly a class act. As is his giant-killing Vauxhall Astra VXR.

This year Bo is running the full season in the Dutch Time Attack series getting a good result at the first Zandvoort round following that up with a steady performance at the second round at the same circuit. But then turning on the magic when he got to the legendary Assen circuit. The slightly banked curves at that circuit seem to bring out the artistry in some competitors and Bo looks like he fits that category after taking a second overall in the Super Pro Street final with his ‘little Asta’

Owen Developments has been working its magic on Bo’s VXR, which now sports a bespoke race-proven turbo, new turbo installation, and a new engine map. “From Snetterton last year, Owen Developments came on board as one of my sponsors,” says Bo. “The work they have done has transformed the car making it more competitive, enjoyable, and extremely driveable. They also advised I use Zircotec coatings. Bo took their advice and the Astra has recently benefitted from a Zircotec-coated inlet manifold, top-hat, turbo, downpipe, and manifold.

“The coatings are brilliant,” tells Bo. “With exhaust wrap, it used to take the manifold over an hour to cool down. Even then we’d still burn our hands when working on it! Now, it takes just 10 minutes to cool to the point where you can touch it without burning our hands. The main exhaust pipe under the car is also coated, significantly reducing heat transfer into the cabin. We also noticed a performance gain when we coated the exhaust manifold. The primaries are very long and the coating keeps the heat inside and improves gas velocity.



The Inside of the VXR where it all happens with 3 Isaw A3 Extreme Cams to capture everything.


Pit Box Shoot with some Studio Lights to bring out the urban effects this car has to offer.


Rear Shot with the big tail where Owen Developments & SpeedEquipment is situated


Bed Time for this Time Attack Machine and an early start for us all the next day


Car on form with a few issues at start with the tyres over heating but came together in the end with some great times coming in.


After the heat wave and everyone having the same issues of too much heat in the tyres and keeping the engines cool we came 3rd


Drivers view inside the cockpit OTM_3785